..the most lovely place at the farm Bjärnhult and about us living here!

Me & my husband Hakan lives on the farm Bjärnhult located on Linderödsåsens peak.

Here, we live and work together with our herding dogs, cats, cows and calves, we live in a beautiful setting with pastures, woods and meadows. This we share with many wild animals, both land-going and flying. Stone fences divide our land, some as old as the 1400’s. Here we have only been Swedes for about 400 years before that we were Danes, history is here.

My background is that I grew up in the city and has for many years run businesses in marketing and sales, when I first came here, I experienced something unique – silance & and a moonlit almost turn night into day. To walk in the woods, with all the beauty it has to offer, as a purifying bath, stress and musts disappears and the serenity comes. This, I wished that others would experience so when Hakan and I was able to take over the family farm so we did not hesitate.

Our goal was to create a different experience, where guests will be a little closer to our origins, then life in a way was a little easier – a little more stripped down. Here is a hotel room a knot timbered small house in the woods, candles, wood stove, shower under the open sky and a fresh and fine dry toilet around the corner. Stay in a cottage but with hotel services – this will just take care of yourself.

Sitting on the small front porch with a cup of hot chocolate and watch a starry sky that is not disturbed by outdoor lighting or streetlights – it’s paradise.

To walk or cycle for hours in this beautiful nature is fantastic, a trip to Bosarpasjön for an evening swim, we can heartily recommend.

Håkan and I wish you welcome to our paradise!

Marie Kristoffersson Persson