In the beautiful beech forest on Linderödsåsen’s peak lies this lodge on top of a beech hill. A true place for retreat, where you’re not disturbed by digital media, electric light, or stressful noise. Here’s the silence and the light that nature offers, where you spend hours walking or sitting in a forest hill. A 40 minute walk gives you the opportunity to swim in a clean and beautiful lake.

In the lodge there’s a bed, bathrobe, slippers, a wood burning stove that warms you, candles that light up the room, as well as a gas stove for easy cooking. A cooler is located on the veranda.

We will bring out the breakfast to you.

You’ll shower under the sky and a fresh dry toilet is available with warm seat and a scent of straw.

A bath in a forest lake, a retreat, a romantic weekend, a break from everyday life, a different experience. These are the descriptions from our guests.

The lodge is not child-proof, parents are responsible for any children.

Pets are welcome!