Welcome to the Glade or in Swedish Gläntan

Coming to to this cain provides a truly unique experience, no street lighting, except for some occasional animal sounds, there is silence. Here you are for yourself but still close to a small forest road. Candles, solar lamps and firewood stand for light and heat, sheets and towels are provided.

A gas kitchen inside and a barbecue area outside, here you can cook your food and a pantry outside for storing food.

The toilet is a super fresh dry toilet with a scent of straw and warm seat – open the door and enjoy the outdoors. The shower is outside the house knot, you can also book a sauna which is located in the relaxation house. You have the relaxation and sauna completely for yourself.

Enjoy being free as a bird, enjoy spending time with yourself or with someone you love to share this experience with.

This is true retreat a forest bath for body and soul, here you will gather power for everyday life.

Cycle, hike, walk or sit in a forest glade and watch the stars.

The rooms are not child safe, children are included on the responsibility of parents.

Pets are welcome.